Automatic Control and Protection

 for Submersible Bore Pumps


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Single Phase 120 - 240 volts 1 to 30 Amps

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Three Phase 380 - 415 Volts 1 to 30 A



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Pumptron is a high precision electronic devise for Automatic Control and Protection of Submersible bore water pumps or any other applicable pump installation. It is the product of a research and development program (R&D) that lasted for more than six years of investigation in the field. It is a simple, cost effective unit that does away with the need for flow switches or pressure switches or probes immersed into the well or bore, which are expensive to install and tend to be unreliable.

Pumptron is not just another switching devise. It is designed to detect any changes that occur from the normal running of a bore and warns of malfunctions long before any damage occurs to the pump or motor. See page 2 of the "Owners Manual" here.

Pumptron protects and control all known brands of submersible pumps, helical or impellers.


Easy to install

  •   Connect mains power to the input.

  •   and controlled power from the output to the pump.

  •   No probes into the bore or flow or pressure switches required.

Easy to adjust

A little screw is turned clockwise until a green light turns ON indicating the pump is detected and protected.


  •   Water levels in the bore.

  •   Water levels in a tank (detecting switch required)

  •   Iron oxide build-up.

  •   Water sediments build-up.

  •   Limit of lifting power versus depth. (Cavitation)

  •   Mains surges.

  •   A phase drops out.*

  •   Cycling switching (caused by pressure switch)

  •   Obstruction or reduction of water flow

  •   Starting peak current.




Interrupts power if:

  • The bore runs out of water.

  • Iron oxide or sediments are overloading the pump.

  • Storage tank is full.

  • Mains voltage is too high or too low.

  • The pump reaches its maximum lifting capacity to pump water according to depth.

  • Any of the phases drops  out *

  • The motor electrically leaks to ground.

  • Any mechanical failure.

  • Starting current has increased.

The pump starts automatically:

  • After the water recovery timer lapses.

  • After a power blackout.

  • When a dropped out phase restores.*

  • When the storage tank level lowers.


  • The pump starts instantly on power up, however it will stop immediately if any abnormality is detected.

  • Avoids unnecessary stops and starts due to power surges. This extends the pump’s life.


by means of

L.E.D. Lights

Red light ON = Power ON

Small red light Flashing  = System Standby - Overload

Yellow light ON = Pump 10 seconds priming

Small Green light ON* = Tank Full

Large Green light ON = Pump running under Protected Operation

Small Amber light ON* = Bore Water Recovery timer ON


* New 3 phase model.



1PH - Single phase pumps.


3PH - for Three phase pumps.




Once the pump is started it will run continuously until water in the bore runs out. The water recovery timer then starts to measure a pre-selected time period (set according to the bore water productivity) to allow the bore to refill. This recovery time can be set between 3 minutes and 24 hours.

When the selected recovery time lapses, the pump turns ON automatically and runs until the water is exhausted again.


If an overload is detected, Pumptron turns power OFF instantly and a red flashing light indicates the condition.  Pressing the Start/Reset button, or when the water recovery time lapses, Pumptron attempts to start; if the overload condition is still present it will instantly return to the "Standby" condition and the warning light continues to flash. However if the condition has disappeared, normal operation is resumed.


LEVEL SWITCH: When a pump is used to fill a tank or a dam or in a pressure system, a plug (connector supplied) is available to connect a float switch or any external level sensing device. When the tank is full the unit stops. When the water level drops the pump starts.

The system remains fully automatic and unattended.


          UNIQUE TECHNICAL FEATURES:                          

100% SOLID STATE… No mechanical movements.

Switching ON and OFF is done using semiconductors.


ON and OFF switching is done at the ZERO volt cross over point of the AC. This results in shock free switching thus providing protection to starter capacitors (condensers) and to the system itself.

Infrared light beams are used in the switching process. This provides high isolation between the low voltage electronics and the mains, making Pumptron very safe to use.



Width = 150mm,  Height = 80mm, Depth = 140mm.


Operating voltages

Single phase

120 - 240 VAC  50/60 Hz


Three phase

220 - 380 - 415 VAC  50/60 Hz

Load current handling

Single phase

1 to 30 Amps


Three phase

1 to 30 Amps

Wiring connectors rate at input and output 30 Amps
Electrical isolation between main and logic circuit 7.5  KV via Infrared light beam.
Operating temperatures - 30°C  to + 80°C


Pumptron, The Complete Solution


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